Genius Education Management System - School / College & University (ERP)

"Comprehensive solution and transformation of your educational institutions."

Genius EduSoft is a market leading ERP platform for Schools/Colleges/Universities which is user-interactive, flexible, robust, easy-to-access, diversified and can be embedded in every generation devices. It is a smart educational system, which enables every feature and functions to complete the daily needs of all Educational Institutions whether big/small. It provides different roles and functionality to every unique user with diversified perspective making it effective for them.

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School / College / University (ERP) Management System

"Experience the hassle free performance with Multiple cross-platform features and simple yet dynamic interface"

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Simple, Powerful & Affordable School / College Management System

"Get a unique experience with a digitized educational interface"

Simple & Easy to Use for
Your Faculties

A simple and structured user interface with an easy to operate functionalities



Multi-cross functions and features will empower institutions for the digital evolution.


Unlimited ACCESS

Providing different functions and features to all the registered users with Unlimited access to the ERP system.


Genius Edusoft School Management Mobile Application Features

Profile ManagementAcademic Management ERP System
Customize and manage different profiles on different modules.
Attendance EntryAttendance Management ERP System
Manage and view user's attendance with a detailed report.
Homework EntryAssignment ERP Management System
Add, View and Check Homework by teachers and students.
Fee ManagementSchool/College ERP Finance Management System
Account Department can easily optimize hefty fees transactions.
Timetable EntryTimetable Management System
Automated timetable for every single class and divisions.
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Cloud ERP Management SystemLocation Entry
Separate location entries for students, teachers and other staffs
Library ERP Management SystemLibrary Management
To manage available books, its issues and returns for ease
Vehicle Tracking ERP SystemVehicle Tracking
Parents can be worry-free by tracking their children's vehicle status
Sms & Notifications ERP SystemCommunicate
Ease of communication with different on-line chat-boxes
Student Tracking ERP SystemStudent Tracking
Parents/Teachers can keep eye on their children's activities

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