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Genius Education Management System - School / College & University (ERP)

"A Comprehensive Solution to Transform your Educational Institutions"

Genius Education Management is a market-leading ERP platform for Schools/Colleges/Universities that is user-interactive, flexible, robust, easy to access, diversified and embedded in every generation of devices. It is an educational system to fulfil the daily requirements of all Institutions with the best facilities, features and functions, whether it is large/small. It delivers different roles and functionality to every unique user with diversified perspectives to make it user friendly.

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School / College / University (ERP) Management System

"Experience the hassle free performance with Multiple cross-platform features and simple yet dynamic interface"

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Simple, Powerful & Affordable School / College Management System

"Get a unique experience with a digitized educational interface"

Simple & Easy to Use for
Your Faculties

A simple and structured user interface with an easy to operate functionalities



Multi-cross functions and features will empower institutions for the digital evolution.


Unlimited ACCESS

Providing different functions and features to all the registered users with Unlimited access to the ERP system.


Genius Edusoft School Management Mobile Application Features

In Admin and Faculty

Academic ManagementAcademic Management
Manage Assignment, Homework, Classwork, Lesson Planning, Syllabus, Notes and Circular.
Employee and Student Attendance / Leave ManagementEmployee and Student Attendance / Leave Management
Manage and view attendance with a detailed report and Manage approval and rejection for employee and student leave.
HRM and PayslipHRM and Payslip
Manage employee salary and generate payslip
Time-table ManagementTime-table Management
Automated timetable for every single class and divisions.
Online and Manual Exam ManagementOnline and Manual Exam Management
Manage online exam and result marking.
Fees ManagementFees Management
Check the status of fees outstanding and send reminder.
ID Card / Library ManagementID Card / Library Management
Generate and Print ID Card and Manage available books, its issues and returns for ease.
Front Desk Management / MessagingFront Desk Management / Messaging
Share One to One and One to Many SMS and Push Notification.
Transportation Management / Student TrackingTransportation Management / Student Tracking
Manage Vehicle, Driver, Route, Destination details, Vehicle tracking and transportation fees and also Teachers can keep eye on their children's activities.
Inventory Management / MaintenanceInventory Management / Maintenance
Request for inventory and notification of inventory reminder and Raising a ticket by faculty and student at time of inconvenience.
Virtual Class RoomVirtual Class Room
Conduct online meeting class wise.
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In Student and Parent Section

Academic ManagementAcademic Management
Students and Parents can view Assignment, Homework, Classwork, Lesson Planning, Syllabus, Notes and Circular.
Attendance ManagementAttendance Management
Check student attendance status.
Leave ManagementLeave Management
Students can apply for leave.
Time-table ManagementTime-table Management
Students can check their time-table.
Online Exam and ResultOnline Exam and Result
Attend online exam and check result.
Fees ManagementFees Management
Pay online fees and upload challan.
Ease of communication with faculty and management.
Library ManagementLibrary Management
To Manage available books, its issues and returns for ease.
Vehicle / Student TrackingVehicle / Student Tracking
Parents can be worry free by tracking their children's vehicle status and child activities.
Student PickupStudent Pickup
Scan QR code of ID card to verify student details.
Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom
Attend online meeting.

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