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School Management Software English

Genius Education Management is a web and mobile application developed specially to handle all the day to day functionalities of School / College and Universities. It is a Cloud Based School ERP Solution which will give most updated mobile application form to the Teachers, Students and Parents to help them in using the login from any place and any time. Along these lines, the mobility to utilize this system rises immensely. It will empower you to get to an entire computerized involvement for front and backend organization administrations with information administration exercises of all the instructive foundations, for example, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

School / College / University (ERP) Management System

"Experience the hassle free performance with Multiple cross-platform features and simple yet dynamic interface"

Genius School ERP has different modules to manage and handle for example; Fees Management, Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events etc. Additionally it has recently launched the new version with full fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll of employees and their salary pay slips. The Finance module helps you to plan and assign fee structures for students. Genius School ERP System is also an excellent collaboration tool using its Task Priority feature. Also there is an internal messaging system within Genius which will help the Students, Teacher and Parents to communicate with each other.

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School Academic Management English | College | Institute | University

Genius Education Management will help the students in handling all the Academic Management functions by managing all the operational activities to get the desired results in their careers. This will create better learning culture and environment for the students as well as school administration. Which will bring them closer to their set goals. Academic Management module is designed in such a way that it will provide better development opportunities with the help of smooth and efficient flow of all the academic process. It will bring more simplicity to the operational activities and transform the academic structure into much anticipated digital framework. The Educational ERP module is fully integrated with academic features and tools of Education management that will help in creating better results of the students.

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School Student Management English | College | Institute | University

Student Management System ERP is capable to handle big student data and retrieve all the stored data efficiently from the system. It can manage the Process of Enrollment, Admissions, Class and Section Allocation etc. to get the overall view of the Student's Performance. Similarly it can also monitor the teacher's daily activities and tracking Student / Teacher Daily Attendance. Students can learn about new generation technologies with their daily academic activities with simple structure and easy user interface for students.

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School Scholarship Programmes English | College | Institute | University

Without any paperwork the Online Scholarship Programme will allow the students to Apply and Submit the Application digitally. Thus, it raises the chance of flexible accessibility and diminishes the chances of errors, thus providing the surety of efficient Process flow of Scholarship Application in School Education ERP. The Administration will create Student Scholarship Programmes which will help the students in their financial aid for completing their education. The module will provide various functionalities like; Online Registration of students, Allocating Unique Registration number to all the students, Check the eligibility criteria for submitting the scholarship application, Simple and quick processing and publishing of selected students, Confirmation of scholarship amount received by Students and Institutions, SMS alert to Students / Parents on approval and amount disbursement, Multiple application handling, Generation of selection list, Award, Register, Proceedings etc.

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School Free Online Admission & Enrollment English | College | Institute | University

Admission and enrollment is a task that takes place for an organization(School, College, University, institute etc.) at a regular interval of time. This task includes a lot of hassle and complex procedures which if done manually will take a lot of time for the team managing the same. The process includes designing forms for candidates, Collection of data, Payment collection which includes cost and time & at the same time impacting the quality and creation of errors take place.

In order to automate this procedure our developers have created Online Admission and Enrollment feature with an objective of making the operations and functionalities of organizations smooth and easy. This creates a transparency and speedy method of keeping records and maintaining them for future purposes. This way Digital Online Application System makes task easy for both institutions and and students.

Benefits of Online Admission and Enrollment
  • As it's online admission form, it allows candidates to Fill Application form from Anywhere and Anytime.
  • No need to stand in long queues to get the application form and submit the same.
  • The traditional method of manual paper work will get changed, thus it will help in cost savings for the institutes.
  • The Online admission form will help in reducing the unwanted data, the admin can check the applications and only eligible student's data will be entered in the Institute's database.
  • The process will provide the precise and reliable outcomes with the standardization.
  • The entire admission process is very dynamic, if there will be any changes in the system it will get reflected immediately to the candidates.
  • Man Power Saving - Institutes don't need to allot additional manpower to manage the applicants.
  • No longer requirement of printing & storing the forms separately.
  • Institutes don't need to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.
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School Free Online Fees Management Software English | College | Institute | University

Fee Management software designed by Genius Education Management System helps schools/colleges/universities digitalising the process of fees collection from students through different payment gateways integrated with our system. Online fee collection can be done by respective bodies anytime and from anywhere.

Secured logins’ are being given to every user-student, parent, management, staff through which Online fees payment/Collection transactions happen safely and risk of fraudulent transactions decreases. In this way School Fee Management System makes all processes streamlined and a real-time tracking is possible with respect to fees collected and pending fees.

School Absolute Fees Management
  • All types of fees structure
  • Course-Wise, Class wise and student category wise fee collection
  • Discount structure for multiple fee head
  • Accessible from anywhere and anytime.
School Fee collection and Fee payment
  • Default and customisable fee receipt/payment templates designed
  • Detailed data of fee collected available on dashboard
  • Invoice available for different fees categories
School Online Fees Payment
  • Fees collection through integrated payment gateways
  • Status reports of pending fees through SMS/E-mail
  • Fee receipt generation facility
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School Online Attendance Management Software English | College | Institute | University

Attendance Management Software provided by Genius Education Management System helps in taking Online Attendance of students by teachers saving a lot of time and indirectly increasing productivity of teachers which gets killed if they go for maintaining manual attendance daily. You can now say bye-bye to pen and paper by using our Student Attendance Management System and automatizing the process.

This way Free Attendance Software helps teachers to record attendance for different classes, sections and even departments and which can also be later on scrutinized by admins in case of any default/errors. Daily backup of attendance data can be generated from the Online Attendance Software and even customized reports can be generated and printed from the system.

School Employee Attendance
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance of employees can be taken by admin.
  • Admin can supervise and monitor teacher’s attendance in case of any default/error. Student Attendance
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance of students can be taken by respective class teachers.
  • Teacher’s can modify student’s attendance taken on a later stage in case of any deafult/error. Bio-metric Integration
  • Automatic data related to attendance gets collected through Bio-metric and RFID device integration.
  • Reduction in chances of proxy and default data entry because of real-time movement monitored.
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School Homework and Classwork Management Software English | College | Institute | University

Through this feature of Genius Education Management System; tracking of a student’s daily performance can be done easily helping in creation of right environment for students bringing them a step closer to success. This also helps teachers to reduce their task of manually maintaining everything and keeping a record of student’s homework, classwork, assignments, notes, lesson planning etc through our digitized School data management software.

Our Interactive web based ERP module is integrated with all the academic features of Education management with various learning and teaching tools that are focused on students result. Mobile App provided by our Online School Management System is grateful for parents helping them to timely track if their children are completing each task on time.

We have a Complete School Management Software helping all parties associated with the school with following Academic features:

School Class & Section
  • Teachers can check and view the list of classes and sections in which they are assigned to teach the students, they can see the Class number and the section in which they are assigned by either principal or by School Admin.
  • Admin can add new class with class name, code and stream / department, it will also show the syllabus and student's strength of that class.
  • Also he/she can add different sections for the particular class with total number of students studying in each section. They can also view and update the list of classes and sections of the students.
School Subjects
  • Teachers can see the subjects allocated to them to teach the students from the list of Subject Allocation list, it will help the teachers to know the Stream/Department, and the subjects to teach in the different class and sections.
  • The admin can add subject code for individual subjects and according to the government board rules, he/she can also add the book prefered to read and the author of the book for the same, For the different subjects admin can assign subject code like : Chemistry - CHEM, Physics - PHY, Fine Arts - FIAR etc.
  • If the institute decides to add more subjects in the specific or all the classes, the admin can assign and add different subjects for the particular class and sections. Similarly, he/she can also allocate the different subjects to the teachers, which will help them in understanding about what subjects they need to teach in the lectures, with stream / department, employee name, class and section.
School Syllabus and Lesson Planning
  • Teachers / Admin can manage the syllabus of different subjects of the classes, this will help them to schedule the classes and lectures to complete the syllabus of different subjects on time.
  • Admin can daily Add new planning list of the lessons, this will help the teachers to know the subjects, lecture code and their allocated different lecture topics, this will enhance the speed of completion of syllabus with timely manner.
  • Similarly, Teachers can Add new planning list of the lessons daily, this will help the teachers to know the subjects, lecture code and their allocated different lecture topics, this will enhance the speed of completion of syllabus.
School Assignments & Notes
  • Students can view their daily Assignments and Class Notes, which will be uploaded by their respective class teachers using the interactive Mobile App by their mobile phones.
  • Teachers will upload the Assignments & Notes regularly in the system which can be viewed from Desktop web system as well as Mobile App. Students can view the class teacher's name who allocated assignments & Notes and the date of Submission of the same.
School Classwork & Homework
  • Our interactive mobile app will help the teachers to Upload the daily class work / homework for their students. The students and parents can view the class work / homework assigned for every subject through Mobile app.
  • This will help to those students who are absent on sick leave or any other reason. They can copy and complete their class work through the mobile app which will acknowledge the absent students about the day's class work and the given homework by their respective teachers.
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School Online School Time-table Management System English | College | Institute | University

Scheduling Time table made simple and efficient with the Genius Education Management. It is the most basic necessity for planning and development of students in various School / Colleges / Universities and institutes also this helps in allocating precise timings to each subject to teach the students. Class timings in the school are limited and hence it needs to be managed with proper time planning and time management. It can be used to assign new class or also to cancel the class timings, thus enabling the better capable way to save time and energy of the students. In over all matter of time various subjects and classes are assigned according to their need of allocation with the help of this feature. It can be also used to assign different practical and theoretical classes which will increase the productivity and efficiency of the students.

In order to save adequate time and efforts of administration; Genius portal provides the facility to create School Time-table for free. Through this feature Schools/Colleges/Institutes/Universities can create and manage Employee Time-table and Student Time-tableM hassle free. This also helps in proxy management by assigning a lecture to another teacher when the concerned teacher is absent.

School Faculty Time-table

School admin once admits time-table for a particular class; the teachers can view their own classroom time-table and manage their schedule accordingly. Teachers can decide their day plan and can access the time-table from mobile app also. Any proxies assigned to them by school admin will be prompted to them via mobile application.

School Student Time-table

The time-table created by teachers for each respective class can be viewed by students through their mobile app. Students will even get a notification of any changes or updates made by teachers in case of proxy. Parents can also view student’s time-table and it will be displayed on weekly basis for student-parent app.

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School Payroll Management English | College | Institute | University

The Payroll Management System look after and manages the financial division of employee's pay salary, allowances, deductions, gross and net pay. It also helps in the creation of payslips for a particular period. The extraordinary advantage of Payroll Management System is its simple execution and easy to use interface. As indicated by the survey conducted by Global Payroll, it's expressed that approximately 70% of the institution uses payroll management in their association, as they comprehend the possibilities of taking out unpredictable paychecks and payment of tax from the top level authorities.

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School Finance Management English | College | Institute | University

Genius Financial Management module is specially designed for the education sector for giving a comprehensive outline of School / College Finance which empowers a Institute to set-up perfect Fee management functions with accurate ledger structure and ledger entries with an easy user interface, making the whole process error free and quick. Fees that are recorded are immediately reflected in one place for ready reference. Additionally it manages the complexities of accounting and financial reporting efficiently,which has everything an established institute needs to work on.

Educational institutes needs to have appropriate financial data and survival strategies in an competitive situation. Significant achievement relies upon capacity to gather and utilize financial information in real sense. Institutes that are looked after well, contains right set of required financial information. Certain standards, laws and methods are very well defined in educational organization with the help of financial decision making.

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School Transportation / Library / Hostel Management English | College | Institute |University

Transport Management is the most important module in School / College / University. Admin can view all the details of School Vehicle Driver like Name, Vehicle No, License No and Driver's Phone No. The Overall concept of Transport Management module is that it will provide full detailed analyses about all the Transport Vehicle Allocation. With the help of GPS system, Genius can track real time live location of the School Vehicle at any point of time. Similarly, this module can also be customised according to the individual institute's requirement.

Library Management System is a module that is utilized to manages the catalog of a library. This keeps the records of entire transactions of the books available in the library. Genius provides Library Management System which is very easy to use and satisfies all the requirement of a librarian. There are many features which helps librarian to track records of available books as well as issued books. This system is available in website as well as Mobile Applications.

  • Keep records of various categories of Books.
  • Classify the books subject wise and easy way to enter new books.
  • Easy way to make a check-out and check-in.
  • Easy way to know how many books are issued to a particular student and also to know the status of a book.

Hostel Management module is developed for managing various activities of the hostel. When there are huge number of students and alignment of all the hostel task and records are necessary Hostel Management works efficiently to deal with daily Hostel activities. Different users can view hostel accommodations and details of the hostel via Details menu. With the help of Genius Education Management users can check the daily canteen menu through Website as well as Mobile Application.

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School Student & Vehicle Tracking / System English | College | Institute | University

It is planned particularly to track school transportation and handle students location in a secured way.It will help in knowing whether the student got on or off the transport vehicle, and capable enough to send vital alerts to guardians and school management with the data that schools needs to know. Subsequently, Genius Education management gives precise and prompt answers. Student Tracker will use mobile device for live student tracking. Administrator, Teachers and Parents can track and monitor on real time basis through Genius cross platform framework. It is indispensable for a school to monitor its students.

Genius gives a custom GPS Tracking Solution intended for all the educational organizations. It is basically focused in upgrading the student's security and in addition the charge of the travel operations. Not just it tracks the vehicles, the module is intended to track each and every student. This permits the school and college management to deal with their transport activities more proficiently and give better significant serenity to the parents.

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School Exam Management English | College | Institute | University

The task of examination process becomes very easy in School Exam Management Module. The Exam Management module of School ERP verifies different institutional operations. The system can generate Exam results in three formats: grade based, marks based and combination of both. It will help in configuration of various sections like number of classes, subjects and types of languages and type of examination. User can define grades and exam rules. There are less chances of any human errors in Exam management module as the School ERP Cloud provides robust validations.

Exam Management is designed as an potential tool which helps the teachers in Exam planning, creating Online / Offline Exam papers, Question Banks, Exam Time-table and Exam results. Institutes can take Online and Offline exams and also can customize the marks or grade based exams. Genius Education Management System provides all the details on single platform, which provides better study environment and clarity in the institute.

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With its International and Global approach to Education Management, Genius Education Management productively derives all the aspects of School ERP Software integrated under a single interface with robust features and functionalities. It is completely suitable for the institutional needs of small and large institutions. Various Key features like; Online Admission / Enrollment, Online Fees Payment, Online / Offline Exam Management, Human Resource Management, Student / Vehicle Live Tracking, Security Gate / Front Desk Management etc.

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