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10 Advantages of Virtual Classroom during COVID-19 pandemic!

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that allows for live interaction between the tutor and the learners as they are participating in learning activities. ... The most common tools you can find in a virtual classroom are: Videoconferencing. Online whiteboard for real-time collaboration.Schools are realizing that not every learner is the same and sitting in a classroom for hours to learn about a topic is not effective for everyone. That's why a virtual classroom can help because it allows learners to comprehend topics on their own terms, on many devices and anywhere that has internet.Education has changed a lot in the last couple decades. Technology has completely changed our learning experience and has made it more personal and interactive. It’s important that education evolves with these new learning styles. For Example, a popular way of adapting to these new learning styles is through the convenience and flexibility of virtual classrooms. There’s many reasons why a virtual classroom can be more effective than a regular classroom.

One of the biggest casualties of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown has been institutionalized education. Schools have been shut to prevent the spread of the virus and this has given way to online classrooms, a very new concept in India even for the most sophisticated schools. It is commendable how easily some educational institutions have moved to virtual classrooms, all thanks to tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. But there are some still struggling to get online.There are teachers and schools putting extra effort to engage students in classes by revamping timetables, shifting discussions online, taking feedback from parents and monitoring students constantly.

Through the e-Learning System, teachers can share the learning material in the virtual classes. They can upload various types of documents, e-books, videos, or others and they can set the time when those documents can be accessed. Therefore, the learning process can be more effective. Once the students and teachers are on the same platform, they can immediately work on the materials and instructions. This feature minimizes miscommunication because the documents shared can always be accessed at any time. Through the same system, teaches can assess the learning process through various types of tests such as quizzes, chapter tests, or final exams. 

Moreover, the tests can also take in many forms. It is quite flexible in fact. Teachers can opt for multiple choices, fill in the blank, true/false, image matching, sequences, or more. They can also attach other media such as images, videos, or voice recording. 

To make sure that the test is effective, that they are not cheating, you can use other software that can monitor students’ devices. So, during the test teachers can find out whether they open other tabs to search the answer for the test. However, this feature is also available in ERP with special customization.After completing the learning process and test, the system can automatically generate reports of the students’ development. It encompasses many aspects such as their punctuality, presence, task completion and quality, and test results. The system can also generate insightful reports for the teachers. It includes the data of students who are above the average, below the average, and who can barely make it. It will show certain patterns from each student. Then, the teacher can conclude whether the learning process is effective or not. 


The Covid-19 outbreak makes us realize that no matter where the learning process takes place, schools should be ready to make the most of it. Investing in technology such as the ERP system for school is very crucial.  However, the functionality of the system is not limited to this period only. Automation benefits for school would extend for a longer period.