Payroll Management System for School | College | Institute

Genius Online Payroll System - Smarter Way to Manage Payroll for Educational Institutions

Genius Payroll Management System is an all-in-one solution that simplifies managing payroll for educational institutions. With our user-friendly Payroll Tracker, schools, colleges, institutes and universities can easily keep track of employee salaries, taxes, and other deductions. Our School Payroll Management Software also helps you generate accurate reports and ensures compliance with payroll regulations. In addition, with our Online School Payments App, paying your employees has been easy for admins.

Our College Payroll Management System offers advanced features such as customizable pay scales, leave management, and performance-based pay for colleges. Our Institute Payroll Management System allows you to streamline payroll processes and reduce errors, saving you time and resources. With our School Payroll Management Application, you can rest assured that your payroll is managed efficiently and accurately. With our Payroll Management Software, schools, colleges, institutes and universities streamline their payroll and HR functions, improve data security, and comply with labour laws, while saving time and costs.

Benefits of Payroll Management System Software for School | College | Institute

Genius Online Payroll Management System - Elevate your Institution with a Unique Solution

Payroll management is a critical function for any educational institution, and it involves complex tasks such as salary calculation, tax deductions, employee benefits, and compliance with various labour laws. Implementing a payroll management system software such as Genius can bring several benefits to schools, colleges, universities and institutes, including:

Accurate Salary Calculation

The Genius payroll management system software can assist schools, colleges, institutes, and universities calculate employee salaries accurately and quickly. The software can automate salary calculations based on attendance, leaves, and other factors, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time.

Time and Cost Saving

With Genius software, schools, colleges, institutes, and universities can save time and reduce costs by automating the payroll process by reducing the paperwork. Our Payroll Management Software can perform calculations quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for manual labour and paper-based documentation.

Compliance with Labor Laws

Our Payroll Management System can ensure educational institutions comply with various labour laws, such as minimum wage, overtime, and tax regulations. In addition, the software can generate reports and forms required by regulatory authorities, helping schools, colleges, institutes, and universities avoid legal issues and penalties.

Employee Self-Service

Our software provides employee self-service features that allow employees of schools, colleges, institutes, and universities to view their pay stubs, leave balances and other details. This feature can save time and effort for HR departments, as employees can access their information without contacting HR.

Improved Data Security

Our Genius Payroll Management System Software can help schools, colleges, institutes, and universities administrations to improve data security by storing employee data in a secure and centralized database. This can decrease the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive employee information

Analytics and Reporting

The Genius software can generate reports and analytics related to payroll and HR functions, providing schools, colleges, institutes and universities with valuable insights into their workforce and payroll processes. This data can help identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions related to payroll and HR management.

Online Payroll Management Software Modules for School | College | Institute

Genius Payroll Management Software helps to Streamline your Payroll Processes.

Payroll Masters for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Payroll Settings

This module allows schools, colleges, universities and institutes to configure and manage the basic settings of the payroll system, such as employee details, bank account information, and other relevant parameters.

Salary Component

Our Salary Component module helps to define the various components of employee salaries. It allows schools, colleges, institutes, and universities to create, edit, and manage salary structures for different employee categories.

Professional Tax

This module helps schools, colleges, institutes and universities staff and administrations calculate and manage professional tax deductions from employee salaries. It also generates tax reports and statements for compliance.

Holiday Management for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Week Holiday

This module allows administrations to set up and manage weekly holidays for their schools, colleges, institutes and universities, such as weekends or other days when the institution is closed. In addition, it helps you to automate the calculation of employee leave entitlements and balances.

Festival Holiday

This module helps admins to manage holiday calendars for their schools, colleges, institutes and universities, including national and regional holidays and other important dates. In addition, it enables tracking of employee leave requests and approvals and generates reports for payroll processing.

Employee Bonus for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Assign Bonus

Assign Bonus allows schools, colleges, institutes and university users to allocate bonuses to specific employees or groups of employees based on pre-defined criteria, such as job performance or length of service. This feature can motivate employees and reward exceptional work.

Generate Bonus

Generate Bonus automates creating bonuses for schools, colleges and institutes employees based on set parameters, such as their profits or sales figures. This can save time and ensure that bonuses are distributed fairly and consistently across the organization.

Employee Salary for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Assign Salary

Our Assign Salary module enables schools, colleges, institutes and university administrators to assign salaries to employees based on their job roles, experience, and other factors.

Generate Salary

This module automates the salary generation process of schools, colleges, institutes and university employees, considering various factors to ensure accurate and timely employee payment.

Generate Advance Salary

This module allows schools, colleges, institutes and university employees to request an advance on their salary, which can be processed and paid out automatically through the software.

Salary Increment

This module enables schools, colleges, institutes and university administrators to adjust salaries based on various factors, ensuring that employees are paid equitably and competitively.

Payroll Reports for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Payslip Report

Our Payslip Report module generates individual payslips for each employee in school, college, institute, or university, detailing their earnings, deductions, and net pay.

Payroll Category Wise

This module categorizes payroll data by type, such as basic pay, allowances, and deductions, for easy analysis and reporting in schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.

Salary Outstanding

This module tracks outstanding salary payments, such as delayed or missed payments, and helps to ensure timely payment to employees in schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.

Salary Outstanding Summary

This module summarises outstanding salary payments across multiple periods, enabling admins to quickly identify and address payment issues in schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.

Overall Salary Report

This module provides an overview of the payroll process, including employee data, payments, and deductions, in a single report for schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.

Salary Register

This module maintains a record of all employee salaries and related data, facilitating easy tracking and analysis of payroll information in schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.

Generate Payslip

This module automatically generates payslips based on employee data, simplifying the payroll process and reducing the risk of errors in schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.

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