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Virtual Classroom

Genius EduSoft is a user-interactive, flexible, robust, easy-to-access and diversified School / College / University Management ERP platform, which can be embedded in every generation devices. It is a smart educational system, which enables every feature, functions and completes the daily needs of School, Colleges, Universities and Educational Institutions.

Due to COVID-19 all the sectors of our economy has been widely affected. Other sectors are still able to continue their work from home and give their contribution to economy but education sector is facing lot of challenges to continue in this tough situation. So, The only way to enable education sector increase its reach is to make it virtual among people. Hence, comes in the smart classroom systems.Making the education and training sessions online has made a vast difference into this sector giving benefits to the associated people. The method of teaching online has not only benefited private schools but also government schools. Even in this tough pandemic situation the new methods adopted by the education sector has made them technologically advanced. Though it is very difficult for students, teachers as well as parents to adopt these new technical methods but everyone’s dedication has made this way of training successful.

Genius Edusoft provides online learning system in such a way that students have to log-in to their enrolled classes only. As the students get enrolled into their virtual training sessions their attendance will be marked as present which enable teachers to know who all are attending the class which ensures the discipline rate because virtual training sessions through Genius Edusoft records all the activities of students. When teachers ask students to perform any activity the system will ensure through its recording system that students make those actions properly.The actions can be properly noted through virtual training via Genius Edusoft giving results better than teaching in the physical classroom. Through the virtual classroom operated by Genius Edusoft platform teachers can assess the learning process through various types of tests such as quizzes, chapter tests, or final exams. 

Genius Edusoft allows you have the freedom to study and complete your coursework 24/7 from anywhere and at any time.You can access assignments, post homework, watch faculty presentations, join student discussions, conduct research, contact your teacher and classmates, get assistance from student support services, receive feedback, and access your test grades.


Genius Edusoft has successfully introduced virtual training sessions into education sector by which students, parents, teachers and other people associated with them can work at their own pace and at convenient time gaining the benefits of technology and acquiring knowledge at the same time.